Great for founders who want legal protection and less formality than a corporation.

Do I need an LLC? 


Incorporated companies generate more trust with consumers.

Legal Protection

Business Owners are protected from the liabilities of the company.


LLCs have the option to elect any tax classification (personal income, corporate).


LLCs have fewer admin requirements than corporations.


Drawbacks of an LLC

More Paperwork

LLCs are more formal than sole proprietorships and require you to register with the government. You have to file annual reports in most states.

No Stock

It’s harder to raise outside investment for an LLC because of how LLCs are structured. Most people form corporations to raise outside money.

Minimal Tax Savings

The default tax status for LLCs is the same as a sole proprietor.

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Why can't I do it myself?


Many people don't want to list their address/name on a government website.

Registered Agent

States require businesses to have a person available at the same address from 8 AM-5PM from Mon-Fri to accept lawsuits.

Operating Agreements

Most businesses will need to write rules for how to distribute profits, dissolve the company, and run the company. Writing this document can be overwhelming for people without a legal background.


Why WizForm?

Transparent and Affordable

We don't hide fees. You see your price the entire time during our application. We are the cheapest upfront option (quarterly payments with 0% interest).


We offer a virtual mailbox for your business. No more spam mail. All mail is scanned to your email.

The Features You Need

Registered Agent. Customized Operating Agreement. IRS EIN within minutes. State Filings. We don't recommend services you don't need even when it costs us money.

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