Great for sole proprietors who need to register a company name and LLCs/Corporations that want to brand their business.

Do I need a DBA/Tradename?

Sole Proprietor

If you want to use a name that isn't your personal name, you will need a DBA/Tradename.

LLC / Corporation

If you want to use a name for marketing that isn't your business's legal name, you will need a DBA/Tradename.


DBA/Tradenames help brand your business and communicate the value you provide to your customers.


Drawbacks of a DBA/Tradenames

Not Unique

In most states, DBA/Tradenames don't have to be unique. Multiple businesses can use the same name.

Registration does not equal trademark

Registering a DBA/Tradename is not the same as trademarking a name. You do not have intellectual property rights to the name.

County by County

If you are a sole proprietor, you might have to register your DBA/Tradename in the county you live in. This sometimes requires notarized docs.


Why WizForm?

Newspaper Notices

WizForm can reduce newspaper costs significantly (average of $100). If you live in a state that requires a newspaper notice filing, WizForm has spent thousands of hours to find the cheapest newspapers in each county.

Name Rules

WizForm checks state rules for DBAs/Tradenames to ensure that your name qualifies.

One Filing

If you own an LLC/Corporation, WizForm can take care of DBA/Tradename filings at the same time as registering the business.



DBA vs. Fictitious Name vs. Tradename

Each state uses a slightly different word to describe a made-up name. They all mean the same thing.

Do I have to register a DBA in each place I do business?


What happens if I don't register a DBA/Tradename?

Some states consider it a misdemeanor and will fine the business owner thousands of dollars. Some states will issue a cease and desist letter to stop you from doing business with the name. It varies widely by state.

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