Starting a business should be magical.
Our dream is to help anyone start and grow a business.

62% of aspiring entrepreneurs are blocked by the difficulty of navigating laws, policies, and regulations. Existing solutions are too expensive, unreliable, or only fit certain types of companies. WizForm removes all these barriers so that you can focus on what you're best at - running your business.

A small business hair salon owner entrepreneur caring for his customer
A small business shop built by passionate entrepreneurs
A freelance graphic design artist working on his passion to build his small business
A black woman small business owner entrepreneur who registered her startup filing

About Us

We are a team of small-town dreamers that have started small businesses across the country in industries like education and media. We've worked at some of the biggest tech companies in the country and also worked with thousands of small business owners. We know what it's like to spend weeks trying to set up a company and late Saturday nights trying to figure out how to pay taxes.

Our dream is to build a world where every person can scale their dreams through entrepreneurship. No matter where they live. No matter what their passion is. No matter how much money they have. Let's build.

wizform is transparent, affordable, accurate, and fast


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